Saturday, 2 January 2016

My Son Latest Apps

1)   HTML Programs:-HTML Tutorial is special for beginners. In this HTML Tutorial you learn most important topics of HTML. You can select the HTML Tutorial Examples. Simply Long press and Copy any HTML Programs. So try it and Rate it. You can download this app this link
HTML Programs

 2)  Nursery special:- In this application kids easy to understand most important topics use in school and house. Its most important topics are
ABC with sound
Learn Fruits names with sound
Learn Colors Names
Learn Vegetable name with sound
Learn to Count 123 with sound
Learn Birds Name with sound
Hindi Varna Mala
Things at Home.
Days of Week with sound
11. Months Name with sound and many more with image, word and meaning
You can download this app this link  Nursery Special

3) InterView question of C:- This app is special for interview questions of C. In this app you learn best C Interview Questions.Also Included C programs. Simple in reading.
1) C Programming Examples
2) C programming Questions and Answer
3) Interview questions of c
4) Jammu university Syllabus are also included
5) Interview questions of c are good for beginners and Experienced.
6) Completely offline
7) c interview question
8) sample syllabus
 You can download this app this link 
InterView Question of c

4) Multiplication Table Sound:- Speaking Multiplication table are easy to understand kids.
1) 2 to 15 table
2) easy to understand
3) with sound button start or stop You can download this app this link
Multiplication Table Sound

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