Monday, 2 May 2016

WWE Raw Live Results

Welcome to in live coverage of Monday Night Raw. Raw start at Previous seen of WWE payback scene. In WWE Payback Mr. McMahon decide both together Stephanie and Shane both represent the WWE Raw. In PayBack Roman reings again win the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship match and still WWE World Heavy Weight Champion. Next time again Rematch at Extreme Rules

 Raw starting Stephanie Comes the ring. Shane also comes. 
Then Kabin Ovens also come he says to Stephanie i will rematch my title for Inter Continental championship match because i beat Sami Zayn. then Cesaro also come he says also a rematch because i beat Miz but refree do not see. So Shane decide

Kabin Ovens vs Cesaro for First Contender match intercontinental Champion Ship match
Result:- Interface of Miz match will be disqualification.
after the match Kabin Ovens and Miz attack the Cesaro but Sami Zayn Interface the save the Cesaro.

Fandango and Goldust vs TYLER Breze and R Truth
Tyler Breze and R Truth win the match

 New Day and Colin Cassady  vs Dudley boys and The Vaudevillanns
Result:-New day and Cassady win the match Tonight Stephanie will be special guest of Dean Ambrose Asseulum 

Tonight Roman Reings and Ussos vs Ajstyle and Ajstyle friends
six man Tag team match

BecyLynch vs Emma
Emma win the match

WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal
Rusev vs. Sin Cara vs. Darren Young vs. Apollo Crews vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder vs. Viktor vs. Damien Sandow vs. Stardust vs. Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Titus O’Neil vs. Sheamus vs. Baron Corbin

Result:-  Rusev win the match
Roman Reings and Ussos vs Aj Style and AjStyle friends
Result Aj Style and AjStyle friends win the match

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results 25/4/16

Welcome to Monday Night Raw. Show start at Previous week Monday Night Raw AjStyle Friends Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows attack the Roman Reings. 
Then Shane McMahnon Music hits. He come the ring. He will big announcement. Tonight Aj Style face Shaemus and Roman Reings vs Albert Del Rio for Non Title match
Stephanie McMahon music hits  come the ring. Shane soaks the great reception from the crowed. Shane says he is still here because of the fans. WWE payback is this Sunday, this is my first PPV of a New Era in WWE.
 Stephanie says many recognize her importance, including the local government. The town of Hartford wants to recognize her with many things, but she doesn’t want to gloat. She has something important to tell him: this is his last night running Monday Night RAW. A “NO” chant breaks out. This Sunday at Payback, their father, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, will decide officially once and for all just who is running Monday Night RAW. A “Shane O’Mac” chant breaks out. Shane says the Chairman’s decision is final, but he wants to do some polling of his own. Shane asks if the crowd wants Stephanie and The Authority to run RAW, and they loudly boo. Shane then points to himself, and they loudly cheer. Shane does this a few more times and looks like he’s having fun.

Stephanie says their father is smart enough to not put the decision in these people’s hands. Shane says he’s still here, so obviously he’s listening. Stephanie says in six days, she has it on good authority that things won’t exactly go Shane’s way. Shane says it’s time that she goes on her way judging by the reaction. Shane politely asks Hartford’s favorite daughter to leave the ring. Stephanie says she’s not going anywhere. She’s going to hang out in her ring. Shane says whatever the decision on Sunday is, it is. As of tonight, he’s still in charge. Since she won’t politely leave, he calls security down. The crowd loudly cheers this. Stephanie looks at him incredulously. Shane tells her to leave their ring. Stephanie drops the microphone and angrily walks off with security trailing her. Stephanie slaps the ever loving crap out of one of them, so the other two haul her off. Shane then starts singing, “Kiss Her Goodbye.”

Shane says he is already announced this payback AjStyle face Roman Reings for WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Match.

1) So Fight start Aj Style vs Shameus
AjStyle win the match

2) Usos vs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows win the match

after the fight Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows again attack the ussos The Roman Reings save the Ussos and attack Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows and throws out side the ring Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. 
3) Sami Zayn vs Rusev
  Sami Zayn win the match
4) Apollow Crews vs StarDust
Apollow win the match
5) Roman Reings vs Albert Del Rio
Roman Reings win the match after the match Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacks the Roman Reings  then Aj Style comes and stop to Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. But Roman Reings super man punch to Aj Style and throw outside the ring Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Then AjStyle again come and recover jump the ring and Punch to Roman Reings.
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